About Jana

​Hello, I'm Jana, the owner and creator of Peace Love & Holidays. My love for the creating unique art and collectibles paired with my life-long obsession with the Holidays has lead me to start my own business of creating one-of-a-kind handmade treasures to share with the world. I spend countless hours on each of the items you see here and all are made with love and joy. Thanks for visiting my site and feel free to reach out to me via email with any questions, comments, stories, and let's connect!

​A little about me..​. I'm originally from Los Angeles, CA and grew up​ in a family of collectors. Fast forward to age 17​, I graduated high school and ​my parents asked me to move out. Know that this was not a bad thing, but I left them no choice since I had by then collected an entire​ house full of items that needed their own home. I continued to collect until I met my late husband in 1976. Don't worry, the collecting did not stop there! At the time he was interested in glass & brass, which ​I said “It wouldn't do, ​I'm only into antiques". Being the loving man he was, h​e quickly followed! Together we had two beautiful daughters that are artists themselves and we're all incredibly close. They've been​ teaching me all about social media and how to stay "hip".

I have always been a lover of the ​Holidays, especially Christmas. My mom and I had a contest every year to see who could​ buy ​the most Santa's, with one important condition; nothing could cost ​over $5, which was easy back then. I currently own 1000's of items in my Christmas collection, ​each and every one of them loved to the utmost.

One year ago I started crafting the collectibles you see on this site. It was something I loved doing in my free time and it brought joy to those I love around me. I realized one day that I had a room full of creations and they needed a happy home that was not my own. I decided to start selling them to my close friends and family and word spread and now they're available for the world to enjoy. 


Peace, Love, & Holidays!!